Once you register and login to SPEC, you make pick your choice of CE/CPE from either the Pharma Center homepage (Under ‘latest courses’ or ‘View Full Catalog’) or the Catalog of courses from the menu bar. You will then be presented with an overview page on the course highlighting the learning objectives, sponsors, accreditation information, disclosures, and, course expiration date.

Once you click Enroll, you will need to go through a Pre-assessment and successfully complete it and then proceed to viewing the presentation/webinar/print material. After viewing the CE in its entirety, you will then be allowed to take the Post-assessment (CPE exam) for the module. To answer the questions, you can click on your selected choice for each answer than proceed to the next question. Once completed, your exam will automatically be graded.

Upon successful completion (score of 70% or higher) you will be allowed to proceed to the course evaluation. If you have not successfully completed the test ( exam score of <69%), you will be notified and be presented with another attempt to re-take the exam. You have 3 attempts in total (including the first attempt) to take a particular exam.

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